Individual Sessions

"You are the perfect matrix of your own unfolding."
— David LaChapelle (1954 - 2009)

Rock and debris will eventually slow down the current of a river. To help a river flow more freely, we remove whatever is impeding its flow. Similarly, the source of true nourishment lies within us, not in the external world, and is always available to us. However, it is often hard to know this, because our access to this bounty is often blocked. Together, we work with the obstacles that are in the way of your relationship to the interconnected substratum at the core of your being—your most authentic self. 

My work integrates a number of modalities: self inquiry, honing intuition, somatic work, shamanic practice, and deepening presence through contemplative and meditative practices. Often, in order to grow, we must find the courage to turn towards our suffering in order to transform it. Our struggles are like flags placed in the ground, showing us where we need to drill down. When we turn towards pain instead of numbing or bracing ourselves against it, we find its wisdom. 

I begin where you are. You are both the portal to the sacred and sacred. I work with whatever you bring to the table—your faith or lack of it, your lineage or rejection of lineage, your relationships, work, disappointments, struggles, dreams, recurring themes or images, and the ground of your everyday life.

Sometimes the best medicine is a trip to the garden, a meal cooked with love, or a walk in the mountains. Other times it might be a shamanic journey, the working through of a negative tendency, or finding the courage to step into our truth.

Love, compassion, joy, peace, harmony, hope, integrity, humility and true service are the undergirding of a life well lived. When we turn towards our inner life, finding our way to a deeper inner truth, our lives begin to reflect these qualities. As this happens, we more easily and spontaneously connect to the interconnected substratum that is accessed from within.

This is the dance of the inner and outer world. We are committed to this dance within our own lives and in the lives of others.


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Jan offers individual sessions both remotely and in person, weaving together a number of modalities—inquiry through conversation, attunement to the body and somatic work, and contemplative and shamanic practice. Her work is aimed towards helping people show up in a more immediate, connected, vibrant, and holistic way, reconnecting to the life source itself and to the wisdom that is found in the present moment.

Cost: $150 an hour

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In this modality, Jan addresses healing at the level of the subtle body or the field of energy that surrounds the human body. We can think of this luminous field as the blueprint of our body, mind, and spirit. When we heal ourselves at this level we heal at the root, and change is rapid.  

The subtle body or luminous field holds imprints of our emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological history. When we remove these imprints we can more easily address unhealthy habits of mind and emotion, and support the healing of the physical body.

This work is offered both remotely or in person. Sessions are a minimum of one and a half hours long.

Cost: $225 per session