Finding a Resting Place Within

4 Night / 3 day Retreat
November 7-10, 2019
Antara Retreat Center • Taos, New Mexico
Led by Jan Birchfield


Rock and debris will eventually slow down or block the current of a river. To help a river flow more freely, we remove whatever is impeding its flow. Similarly, the source of true nourishment lies within us, not in the external world, and is always available to us. However, it is often hard to know this, because our access to this bounty is often obscured.

This retreat is an opportunity to anchor to a deeper substratum within, finding an inner place where we can begin to take refuge. Together, we work with the obstacles that are in the way of our relationship to the interconnected substratum at the core of our being ~ our most essential Self.

We begin where you are. You are both the portal to the sacred and sacred. We work with whatever you bring to the table ~ your faith or lack of it, your lineage or rejection of lineage, your relationships, work, disappointments, struggles, dreams, recurring themes or images, and the ground of your everyday life.

Inner work does not happen overnight. It is a process, a commitment, and ultimately a gift. When we sit together and deepen our commitment to ourselves and each other, we develop resilience in the face of uncertainty and we move closer to the true Source of all that we long for ~ compassion, joy, peace, harmony, hope, integrity, humility and true service.


— our time together will include —

a framework for understanding the layers of the self
ancestral work • meditation and chant • fire ceremony



(limited scholarships available)




The retreat will begin on Thursday night, November 7th. We will have an opening session at 6:00pm followed by dinner. We will close after dinner on November 10th. We ask that people stay to the end, so that we can hold a tight container for all.

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Antara Retreat Center
417 La Lomita Road
Taos, New Mexico 87571



Meals create the rhythmic backbone for retreats at Antara. Our vision is to provide nutrient dense, locally-sourced, and seasonally oriented meals for the people that pass through our doors. We will share three vegetarian meals daily. The amazing Dillon Tisdel will serve as our Chef. (@ohholybasil + ohholybasil.com )

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There are a number of AirBnB options and a Bed & Breakfast within walking distance. Please contact us for information on housing. We do have one casita that will be available for rent at the cost of $125 a night.


Please contact us to reserve a spot for the retreat by using the following form.

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JAN Birchfield

Jan’s work weaves psychology, spirituality, shamanic and contemplative practice. She has an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. She had the honor of working under the tutelage of the late David LaChapelle, drawing on his broad and deep knowledge of spiritual traditions and practices from around the world. In 2007, David initiated Jan into a shamanic practice. She then attended the Four Winds Residential Energy Training Program to augment this work. In 1995 Jan co-founded the Center for Advanced Emotional Intelligence. In 2011, she founded Contemplative Leadership Development and opened a retreat center in Taos. In 2016, She published a book titled Silent Leaders. A second book titled Wing of Effort, Wing of Grace will be published in 2019.